Mental Health Among Students

How to cater to students for maintaining or achieving a positive Mental Health and a Healthy Environment? 

Youth spends almost more than half of the day on campus and this is the place where they learn and grow the most and are exposed to a lot of people for example Faculty, Staff, Cleaners, Students below and above their age and sometimes come across other students parents as well.

School is one of the best places for both educators and students to become increasingly aware of mental health, mental health problems and mental disorders.  

From an early age, they should be told what is mental health all about and what and how can one get affected by it as it also includes stress, tension, and how to cope with it, etc.

What are mental disorders or why are they the disorders of the brain?

Mental illness can occur when the brain or the part of the brain is not working well or is working in the wrong way. Many of the mental disorders begin at the time when the youth are in or entering Junior High school, High school, or university. Ages most common for the onset is before the age of five an ADHD, PDD almost by the age of 10 to 20 anxiety, depression, panic disorder, and by about 20 and above schizophrenia and bipolar can occur. Mental health problems lead to school dropouts, difficulties in learning behavioural difficulties, difficulties in performance, school failure, etc. Schools can be a great location for mental health promotion as well as identification at an early age for an early intervention. There could be various policies and plans that recognize the integration of mental health into educational institutions, development, and implementation of mental health curriculum, train the teachers to understand and recognize mental health problem in students, develop region-specific interest structure and support as mental health needs of teachers may be similar to those faced by students. 

“On-site” mental health models can also provide teacher support which can help in a more effective way for teachers as well as effective for learners for both to learn effectively. They should be taught to combat the stigma associated with the word “mental” or “mental illness” it is sometimes used as a polite way of discriminating people and it pervades the entire social structure, integrating mental health education in schools may help to de-stigmatize Mental Illness Education and Mental health is a part of basic education for youth and requires attention as a learning enabler. 

Anonymous online forum can also be a great way to start for students as would not have to directly express themselves but still can seek help by engaging to someone trust worthy and educated in the field for this kind of guidance.

My name is Anubha Gera and I am B.A. Hons Psychology student currently in my 1st year. I have been inclined towards learning, gaining knowledge and engaging myself in this subject specially the clinical field and I believe that soon I could help or provide people with right knowledge and gain more real-life experiences as I dwell more into it.

Anubha Gera


Mental Health Among Students

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