Understanding Mental Health Disorders

Is the Notion of Toxic Masculinity Stopping us from Talking About Men’s Mental Health?

My brother was 5 when he got hurt while playing cricket. Blood started oozing out of his wound and he was crying. My granny tried shushing him while cleaning his wound,” You are a strong boy, Abhi! And boys don’t cry! C’mon show me who is gonna be a strong man?” Yes, harmless stereotype. Probably, […]

The Mental Health Impact of Peer Pressure Among Adolescents

From a 5-year old carefree child to turning into an adult with tons of responsibilities, one thing that all of us carried along at some point in life was “peer pressure”. Responding to peer pressure is a part of human nature, but it varies from person to person. For instance, ever went out with friends […]

Understanding Depression: What It Means, its Symptoms, and Useful Tips to deal with it.

Depression is the most common mental disorder in the world, affecting people from any age group. It negatively affects the way you feel, think, and subsequently act. However, it is widely misunderstood as just a state of feeling sad, and that to overcome it you just need to laugh and feel happy.  An important thing […]

Yoga and Mental Health on International Day of Yoga 2020

“Healthy mind resides in a healthy body”-Almost all of us have heard it, right?Well, this is as true as it seems. Studies have shown that lifelong exercise can lead to improved brain function in later years. People performed better in mental tests at the age of 50 if they had been engaged in physical activities […]

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