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A Mental health positive community


Our vision is to break the stigma and silence around mental health by educating the people of its importance so that they become more aware, sensitive and empathetic towards these issues.


We strive to empower individuals to take charge of their mental health by equping them with capabilities centering around holistic education and development in practical arenas spanning all fields.


Our mission is to engage with governments, schools, colleges, corporate organisations, families, and other institutions so as to build a non-judgmental community for active interaction around the cause of mental health.


We strive to create easy access to mental health support, counselling, and treatment facilities to the common people that will help them resolve their issues, overcome challenges and enrich the quality of their life.



Large-scale seminars to create mental health awareness among general public, on topics like:

  1. Changing Perceptions towards Mental Health.
  2. Suicide Prevention
  3. Stress Management


Intensive workshops and training sessions in schools, colleges, corporates, jails, associations, on topics like:

  1. Life-Skills Management,
  2. Career Development,
  3. Mental Health First Aid, etc.


We have a team providing counselling services at individual, family, and group level, for:

  1. Resolving trauma and distress.
  2. Improving Relationships.
  3. Improving Parenting


Providing special and remedial educations to students/children from various government schools and juvenile homes that enable them to:

  1. Think and learn creatively. 
  2. Manage stress better.
  3. Solve problems innovatively.


Providing a safe and non-judgmental space for individuals to perform and express themselves, interact and build a network of support, through The Jigsaw Company:

  1. Open Mics
  2. Human Library
  3. Mental Health Cafe


Providing internship and volunteering opportunities in a holistic manner in mental health education:

  1. Creating Informative materials
  2. Volunteering in real-life settings
  3. Overcoming challenges in school,workplace, etc
"The story of my life predominantly revolves around my love for Mental Health. I've always been curiously charged to bring about a positive change in the way people perceive and treat mental health. this led me to develop innovative methods to deliver education of mental health issues across the country."
Jigyasa Tandon

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Hear what they have to say about Us!

PSY-Fi has always been a welcoming and safe for me. I've been a regular attendant of the monthly open mics psy-fi organises which is always a wonderful experience. The MAN-O-POWER volunteership programme has helped me alot in terms of providing me a platform for making a change in my way in the mental health community. Psy-fi has impeccable mentors who have always been like an anchor. I'm grateful to be a part of psy-fi family which is doing wonders in making a mental health positive community.
Diksha Wadhwa
Mental Health Volunteer,
Psy-Fi has been the most fruitful place for me to learn and explore my potentials.Throughout MANOPOWER: The Volunteer-Mentorship programme at Psy-Fi, I found inexplicable ways to enhance my mental health and create awareness about it. Open - mics organised by Psy-Fi and the Jigsaw Company provide a non-judgemental as well as a comfortable environment to speak our hearts out and provide us with a platform to showcase our talents.

Mental Health Volunteer,
Underconfidence and underestimation would have been the two categories where I'd top, if you have asked me before Man-O-Power. But, now, after Man-O-Power, a feeling of belongingness, confidence does reside. I always did write poetry, I never recited them, afraid of how people will think, Man-O-Power gave me a confidence to that extent where now I am able to do open mics. Man-O-Power was never just a workshop for me, it was a workshop which did help me take a turn of 360° if it comes to personality.
Mental Health Volunteer,

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